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This Roman ‘gate to hell’ killed its victims with a cloud of deadly carbon dioxide

Inspired by U. If you want to make even more over-the-top vocal melodies or anything weird and un-acceptable, you can just do it. No compromises have to be done.

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    • Lost Legion 5. Curse of the Sky 6. Ancient literature suggests that at the Palace of Apollo in Delphi, Greece -- where the oracle once prophesied the future -- people would enter a trance after inhaling noxious fumes. Modern research puts this down to a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane coming from an earth fissure.

      Story highlights A grotto in Turkey was once believed to be the gateway to hell Animals mysteriously died at its entrance Two thousand years later scientific research reveals the reason. They watched in awe as animals, from birds to bulls, dropped dead at its entrance. The cave, named the "Plutonium" after Pluto, god of the underworld, was thought to belch the "breath of death," killing all those in its reach, except the divinely immune priests who led the animals to sacrifice.

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      Roman author and natural historian Pliny the Elder described the phenomenon as the "sewer of Charon " -- the mythical ferryman who rowed souls across the River Styx and Acheron and into the depths of the underworld. But scientists have now provided an explanation for the mystery, and it's not supernatural. Research published by the journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences in February shows that a fissure in the earth's surface, deep beneath the site, emits carbon dioxide at concentrations so high it can be deadly.

      Entrance to the Plutonium. A further increase would lead to asphyxiation due to the lack of oxygen and due to acidification of the blood and the body or brain cells. So it's no wonder the animals that entered the cave came to a swift end. During the research period alone, Pfanz says they found several dead birds, mice and more than 70 dead beetles. Photos: Anatolia's archeological treasures.

      Rodin, The Gates of Hell

      The Library of Celsus, Ephesus — From the Romans to Byzantines to Ottomans and everyone in between, the Anatolian peninsula contains the legacies of a number of empires. The Great Theater, Ephesus — Said to have capacity for 25, people, its size helps archaeologists understand the scale of the ancient city's population. Dating from the 3rd century BC, the Hellenistic structure played a part in entertainment as well as political and religious gatherings. Cut into the hillside overlooking the modern city of Fethiye, close to the Aegean Sea, it was built by the Lycians of Telmessos, a city-state that would go on to be conquered by Alexander the Great.

      How the Roman “Gates of Hell” Killed Animal Sacrifices but Let Human Priests Escape Unharmed

      Roman theater, Aspendos — Three miles south of Belkis in southern Turkey are the ruins of Aspendos, a Greco-Roman city that passed into the hands of the latter in BC. The site's colossal theater dedicated to Marcus Aurelius remains its star attraction. Temple of Apollo, Side — A full solar eclipse in Side, Founded by Aeolian Greeks, invaded by Alexander and at one time turned into a slave market by Cilician pirates, perhaps its most famous landmark is the Hellenic Temple of Apollo pictured.

      The 15th century monument, dedicated to a figure from the Ak Koyunlu, a Turkmen tribe, was moved away from ground at risk of flooding due to a hydroelectric dam project in southeast Turkey. Hasankeyf — Other monuments from the ancient city on the banks of the Tigris will also be moved according to CNN Turk, including tombs, mosques and minarets. Hasankeyf has a 12,year history and contains many neolithic caves.

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      This article is about the Rodin sculpture. For other uses, see Gates of Hell disambiguation. New York: Museum of Modern Art. The Art of Seeing 8th ed. Le Matin.

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