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One job that I took for work was a part time gig at a game store. Here, for hours a week, I get the privilege of running games of Dungeons and Dragons and effectively getting paid to play the game! For a long time when I was in middle school I was interested in getting into Dungeons and Dragons. The allure of fantasy roleplaying, of becoming a different person, a character that could go on adventures with others in search of excitement was what drew me to the concept of the game in the first place.

However I ultimately was never quite able to find people with whom I could have played with. I was hooked — for a few hours a day I was able to assume the role of a fictional character, as a part of a group of heroes, and take part in an ongoing, epic fantasy adventure with other players. It was also around this time that I first began to run campaigns and it was there that I was able to experience an even greater creative freedom running the game than I had by simply playing the game.

There, I was able to cradftweek after week for my players alongside having to write essays for my classes. Fast forward to last summer. I was looking for a second job because I was desperate to pay bills for art school and needed the money.

Dnd 5e Dungeon Masters Guide | Deities | Dualism

As I searched frantically for different places to work, I saw that a game store I liked in my city had openings for employees to work as dungeon masters for an after-school program for children. Deciding there was no harm in trying, I sent an application without expecting to hear back much.

And I was devastated. Essentially lifeguards of the pools that are BDSM dungeons, monitors are brought in to ensure guests are having fun but also being safe. A good dungeon monitor knows when to step in and also when to stay back and watch. But with a lack of standardized responsibilities and comprehensive training on how to correctly assess every possible BDSM scene, it's not only difficult for hosts to pick monitors, but also for those chosen to know their exact role in a dungeon.

In most dungeons, the DM wouldn't be involved in anything all night. Often identifiable by neon armbands or other bright accessories attached to their upper body, dungeon monitors are typically active members of the BDSM community who sit out a night of play to work an unpaid shift to support their go-to dungeon or community. Arriving early to check in, monitors let kinksters tell them what they're planning on doing so they can know what to expect; after which they'll spend anywhere from one to four hours watching over the couples in the dungeon, often equipped with fanny packs, walkie-talkies, and first aid kits.

If a woman wants to drip hot candle wax onto her partner's nipples, the DM will make sure there's a tarp beneath them; if a leather daddy requests water during aftercare, they'll bring him a cup. And were something to go wrong, a DM serves as the first responder to provide help or first aid. Shay and Stefanos Tiziano , "pansexual polyamorous playsluts [and] purveyors of perversion," have taught dungeon monitor training classes since after their bad experience at the BDSM convention and a joint realization that their city lacked an effective training program.

In , they moved to the Bay Area from Minnesota and decided to take a DM course so they could give back to their community. When they found themselves in a full-day lecture that ended with a test about various types of play, they weren't impressed. Image by Chris Blakeley via Flickr. What dungeons ask of their monitors vary. In Minnesota, where Shay and Stefanos often found themselves playing in home basements, owners of the house would often choose people as monitors who seemed like they had "a reasonable headspace.

While some have made detailed guides available online , it often falls on the local BDSM community to provide training for their monitors. So, it's inevitable that different dungeons have varied rules and regulations. The Tizianos ended up creating their own type of case scenario training, using Shay's experience with "mega-code" scenarios in the ER she's an emergency nurse and Stefanos' military training. For nearly 10 years, they've been traveling the US, putting guests in realistic play situations in dungeons for them to troubleshoot: If someone is suspended in a dangerous way, how do we get them down?

Athletics Automatic. Climb a rope dangling from a protrusion or overhang i. Climb a wall with very few handholds, catch yourself on a rope or other handhold in the middle or at the end of your jump, swim in violent water or against a strong current. Climb a slippery or sheer wall with little or no handholds, climb vertically along an overhang with adequate handholds, swim in stormy waters.

Force open a stuck or broken door, break free from weak bindings, pull a stuck or wedged object loose. Break through a wooden door reinforced with iron, hang on to a wagon while being dragged behind it.

Chronicles of a Paid Professional Dungeon Master

Break through a heavy, reinforced door such as a prison or armory door, hold a door shut against a room filling with water. Any attempt to move nimbly, quickly, or quietly, or to keep from falling on tricky footing. Control a heavily laden cart on a steep descent.

Acrobatics Easy. Walk across an icy surface, stay upright in a turbulent situation, land safely on difficult terrain. Conceal yourself from enemies 1 , sneak past unsuspecting targets, slip away while others are distracted. Pick a simple lock, jam a simple trap 2 , perform a task requiring particularly dexterous hands 3. Pick a typical lock 2 , escape from tight rope bindings, securely restrain a prisoner. Pick an elaborate lock, disarm a trap of average complexity 2 , steer a chariot around a tight corner. Pick a masterwork lock, disarm a complex trap 2 , escape from locked masterwork manacles.

Distracting environmental stimuli such as a wave crashing over the deck of a storm-tossed ship. After taking damage make a Constitution Saving throw with a DC of either 10 or half of the damage taken, whichever is higher. A PC must eat one pound of food per day in order to subsist. A PC drinking less than half the amount of water they require during the day advances one level of exhaustion at the end of the day, or two levels if they are already suffering from exhaustion. A PC drinking more than half the amount of water they require during the day but less than the full amount must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or advance one level of exhaustion , or two levels if they are already suffering from exhaustion.

Disbelieving certain illusions and resisting mental assaults that can be refuted with logic, sharp memory, or both.

Body Masters Equipment

Communicate with a creature without words. Arcana - History - Nature - Religion Easy.

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  7. Recall widely known information; identify common people, places, objects, symbols, fauna, or flora. Recall more obscure or specific information; identify uncommon people, places, objects, symbols, fauna, or flora. Recall truly esoteric or precise information; identify rare people, places, objects, symbols, fauna, or flora. Recall information that is known only by a privileged few; identify exceedingly rare people, places, objects, symbols, fauna, or flora.

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    Identify a particularly obvious trap or a secret or coded message left by a contact, communicate a simple idea with an intelligent creature you don't share a language with, discover the true nature of a low-level illusion. Identify a typical trap, determine time or cause of death of a recently deceased creature, estimate the material worth of an item, discover the true nature of a mid-level illusion.

    Identify a well-hidden trap, object, or area; forge a document or identify such a document, discover the true nature of a high-level illusion. Identify a magically-hidden trap, object, or area; discern the purpose and process of a complicated device or system; determine the integrity of a structure, construct, or formation and identify any exploitable weak points. Reading body language, understanding someone's feelings, noticing things about the environment, or caring for an injured person. Get a gut feeling about what course of action to follow. Insight Easy.

    Discern who among a cagey group is the leader, discern the intended message of a non-verbal communication.

    Baldur's Gate: Durlag's Tower - #1: Dungeon Master's Guide - Design Club

    Spot a prominent landmark or structure in the distance, hear the far-off sound of thunder signaling a coming storm. Spot a natural-obscured object or feature, eavesdrop on a conversation in the next room. Spot a well-hidden object or feature, eavesdrop on a hushed conversation through a heavy door. Spot a nearly-invisible object or feature, read the lips of a creature you can see but not hear. Follow a well-worn trail through a forest, follow the tracks of a creature through snow or mud, forage for a day's worth of food in a plentiful area, navigate on a clear night. Follow an abandoned or forgotten trail, track a creature through a forest, forage for a day's worth of food in a sparse area, navigate on a cloudy night, predict an oncoming storm, identify the signs of nearby creatures.


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    Track a creature over barren terrain, forage for a day's worth of food in a harsh area, navigate through an alien area on a cloudy night, predict tomorrow's weather. Calm a domesticated animal, stabilize a dying creature outside of combat, diagnose a common ailment. Calm a wild but otherwise peaceful animal, intuit an animal's emotional state, set a broken bone, perform a complex maneuver while mounted, stabilize a dying creature in the middle of combat, diagnose an uncommon ailment. Intuit a hostile animal's next action, control an untrained mount, diagnose a rare ailment.

    Withstanding effects, such as possession, that would subsume your personality or hurl you to another plane of existence. Trying to influence or entertain others, when you try to make an impression or tell a convincing lie, or when you are navigating a tricky social situation. Find the best person to talk to for news and gossip. Deception Contest Insight. Fast-talk or con someone, adopt a disguise or impersonate another creature, tell a convincing lie or otherwise hide your true intentions.

    Pry information out of an uncooperative prisoner, convince street thugs to back down from a confrontation.