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Lot's of twists and turns, and a sweet romance. Will recommend it to anyone. Jun 08, Christine rated it really liked it. Good story; fast read. Jun 12, Trewen added it Shelves: dnf. Who on earth is knocked unconscious by bad guys, wakes up and has instalust? And the dialogue? Don't get me started.

Oct 09, Judy rated it it was amazing.

He forgot his wedding gift back in New York and notices the light on at a local gallery. The woman who answers the door looks in bad shape, she tells him she is closed and to come back tomorrow. After she closes the door he checks around the building and is heading back to check on her again when she runs into his arms. Morgan Alexandria was going to die. The brutes who broke in and beat her would not leave her alive. Her ex-husband, Cody, had told these men she had a disk she did not have.

When the doorbell rang and there was a handsome stranger on the other side she hoped he would see something was wrong, but she would not endanger him. She had a gun on her and knew the men would kill both of them. When she found another chance to escape she ran outside and right into the strangers arms. When they came to the hospital and seen Morgan they were going to postpone the trip until she was safe again.

Jackson promised he would stay and look after her, Morgan knew that was another empty promise from a handsome man. She had learned her lesson well from Cody, the man who was now in prison for killing his own business partner in cold blood. After the wedding when Morgan headed to the airport to go visit her parents in Spokane, Washington she could not believe that Jackson stayed by her side, he actually was keeping his word. Trouble follows the pair to Chicago and Washington.

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Morgan thought she would be safe in her Aunt Helen's out of the way cabin in Washington but no where was safe from these men. And being with Jackson seemed to be the most dangerous of all. Morgan had fought long and hard to be independent again and yet she found it so easy to lean on Jackson and let someone help with her burden. A secondary story is that Morgan was abandoned at age nine in Latvia. Her younger sister was adopted out several months before her and her older brother had still been at the orphanage.

She has been searching for them for at least a decade. She also never allowed herself to be a part of the Alexandria Family, she always felt a part of her was missing. Jackson's sister had died a few years earlier and he carried the guilt of not being able to save her. This is the first book in the Heroes for Hire series and I am looking forward to reading all the books in the series. I liked this one, I thought it was pretty good. It kept me reading and I was wondering how everything would wrap up.

The story takes place over maybe three days and to be honest, I didn't feel like a whole lot happened. There is a lot of inner thought, with a focus on Morgan's past relationship with her ex Cody and her siblings she was separated from as a kid , Jackson's feelings of guilt over his sisters death and their mutual desire to ignore the attraction between them.

The mystery was kind I liked this one, I thought it was pretty good. The mystery was kind of bleh and I thought wrapped up pretty quickly. The romance was pleasant, but nothing that gave me butterflies or really held my interest. The characters were likable enough.

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I'm not a huge fan of Christian fiction I usually end up reading it mainly because I know it'll be clean , but I thought those elements were handled pretty well here course I usually skim over the churchy stuff. I think that's something she would probably regret not doing. I was also hoping to see Cody show some remorse, I mean could he really have hated Morgan so much to send those guys after her? He KNEW she didn't have the disc and still he sent them to her knowing what would happen.

I wanted to know his reaction to Morgan leaving him, did he ever really love her?

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I guess I just had a lot of unanswered questions about him. I liked it enough that I'll probably check out more from the series. Dec 28, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Heroes for Hire Book 1 I was excited to begin this new series. After reading the first chapter, I realized that this book is related the the series, "The Sinclair Brothers," which I haven't read The third brother's wedding plays a part in getting these two together - I don't think they are mentioned anymore in the series.

Also, the "Lakeside" series is linked as the story begins in Lakeside. Therefore, I'm guessing all three stories are linked.

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You don't have to read any of the previous series, Heroes for Hire Book 1 I was excited to begin this new series. You don't have to read any of the previous series, though, to read this book. It looks to me like the location is changing in this series New York, maybe With that said, this book captured my attention right away by beginning with a half-beaten woman laying on her kitchen floor while two men tore apart her house and held her captive.

Enter ex-cop, Jackson Sharo who runs in to rescues her, then becomes her protector as she travels cross-country to hide from the men who want something of her ex-husband's.

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The author does very well in taking us from the scenic Lakeside, Virginia to Washington, and even introduces us to New York through phone calls to Jackson's boss. Where will this story end? The romance was sweet as well. Jackson acted on his feelings, but Morgan just wasn't sure she could ever get involved with someone again after the pain her ex-husband had put her heart through. Both would need to put their trust in God again so they could move on. Oct 31, Krista rated it liked it Shelves: christian , fiction , romance. If I could've, I would've given this book 3. I liked this book.

It wasn't the greatest book I've ever read, nor is it the best book by Shirlee that I've read; but I liked it. There's nothing I hate more than cliche romance novels, and this one had only a few of those moments.

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Overall, a suspense-filled book with a good romantic story-line. The ending wrapped it up a bit too neatly and quickly for my taste, if I may say so without giving anything away. I would've liked to If I could've, I would've given this book 3. I would've liked to find out more bits as the story went on, instead of seemingly all of it in the last page or so. BUT, I don't want to discourage anyone from reading it; if you like Christian romance books that aren't preachy or too cliche, you'll probably like this book, too.