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In your subconscious mind there is no discernment of right or wrong. Everything is right, everything is good and everything that is received from the outer mind is considered a command that must be carried out with perfect execution. When we speak of the mind being the builder of the body and external conditions, we are talking about the inner mind, for only the inner mind has direct access to the creative powers of the living spirit.

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind: More Freedom And prosperity

In other words, whatever the universal mind is, your individual subconscious mind is too! When it comes to manifesting more freedom and prosperity in your life, the conflict that creates that inner battle that many are struggling with comes about when a person gets to a point in life where their little mind becomes aware of a new desired state. That desired outcome is wonderful and completely possible because nothing is too good for a child of the living spirit. But, when the child of the living spirit is unawakened and running on beliefs, habits, values and perceptions that are out-dated and out of alignment with the desire, a battle field is formed and in most cases, the stored beliefs always win over the new desire.

Your Subconscious mind is the one sabotaging the desires and success that you want. There are many current discussions that imply to the unwary mind that the inner conflicts or the self-sabotage that one might become aware of are deliberately being created by the subconscious mind as though it has some kind of independent power that overrides your authority.

The reprogramming that you want to do so that you can have more freedom and prosperity must be that of the held beliefs, convictions and habitual patterns of thought.

Design a full and abundant life

How can you best tap into your dominant patterns of thoughts and convictions? Through your emotions. They are speaking the language of the universe and they are telling exactly what you feel about success, money, prosperity and freedom. The truth is, you are already in love, successful, healthy, joyful, wealthy and free, because your subconscious mind can never be anything but pure and perfect.

But you must tap into the depths of who you are, upgrade those beliefs that are taking up residence in your home and then shall you see that you never had to choose between one or the other. The truth is that for you to be an individual person at all means that you must be a single entity. Both are necessary and one without the other means you will not be a complete thinking human being. All babies are normally living under this state until they start consciously thinking. So it is the introduction of the conscious mind and the information that the conscious mind feeds the subconscious mind that makes all the difference.

Your inner mind is forever being hypnotised by your consciousness. But not at an intellectual level — at an emotional level. Experience has shown me that most of us are quickly worked up by negative emotions than positive emotions and then we wonder why we keep manifesting the negative side of our desires.

How can you best use this discovery of hypnotism to your advantage? Strengthen the commanding part of your mind and make sure that you are the only one giving emotional suggestions and impressions to your subconscious mind. When it comes to creating more freedom and prosperity in your life, if getting more success gives you an anxious feeling, increases your insecurities, emotions of loneliness, overwhelm and stress in anticipation of growing success, that tells you the stored belief contradicts the desire for getting more out of life.

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Success And Prosperity

You just need to do the same thing your mother did when she taught you what your name is — years ago! Reprogramming the subconscious mind requires special efforts.

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I help people shift paradigms and create breakthroughs everyday. And I call it a one-step program! Every new desire means an upgrade and every upgrade means new commands into your subconscious mind which it will begin to work on lovingly and faithfully. So the next time you find yourself cringing because of how hard or complex upgrading your subconscious mind seems, I suggest you back away from that space and gain better perspective because your entire mind is always and I do mean always, trying to help you create an awesome life.

But how current is the running belief system? If you would like some more in-depth suggestions on how to renew your mind, request a complimentary live breakthrough session while they are still available.

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This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allows us to remember you. You will learn how to turn your biggest opponent into your most powerful ally! First, you need to understand, that your mind is split into two parts; one very powerful and one very weak. It is your consciousness and your subconsciousness. One is only executing, it is very easy to manipulate and has no free will whatsoever.

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The other is the all mighty ruler, who takes every decision in your life and has complete control over your actions, thoughts, your belief system, and your emotions. It is the subconscious mind, who is steering and controlling all aspects of your life. And this comparison also stands regarding abilities.

Your subconscious mind is programmed, and it always executes against that program much like a computer. Now, the shame is, that this program has been implemented in you from early childhood without you having any control over it. If you have been told such sentences, these beliefs were programmed into your mind so deeply and profoundly, that they built your belief system, the program, and your subconscious mind is now doing everything to fulfill these programmed beliefs.

The world is full of endless information, opportunities, knowledge, and chances. These opportunities are there for everyone to use, but your subconscious mind is only showing you the opportunities which are fitting into your belief system.

PROSPERITY Affirmations while you SLEEP! Reprogram Your Mind Power for WEALTH & ABUNDANCE!!

Imagine how much information is entering your body through your five senses every second of every day. Your subconscious mind is registering all of them, and I mean ALL of them. It is recording them, analyzing them and then filters them and assigns them into two categories. It is doing so, because our conscious mind, would not even closely be able to handle such an amount of information. Confronted with such quantities of information it would collapse within seconds.

That mechanism is based on the way our brain is processing information. If you like to learn more about the physiology of the brain, then this might get your attention.

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So the mechanism of filtering information is a very good thing. The terrible thing is that your subconsciousness is not assigning the information in relevance to your conscious wishes, dreams or goals of becoming wealthier, healthier, or happier. It is filtering out everything which is not going along with its plan to keep you where you are at the moment.

It wants to keep you in your comfort zone. Same applies when you, for example, sit in a restaurant or standing at a bar.


Your subconscious mind registers everything- the music, all movement in your field of vision, the temperature, even if the floor is dirty and everything else. It is then deciding, what it makes your conscious mind aware of. You need to make it work for you. If you are trying to win over your subconsciousness with conscious actions, you will fail miserably. Every time. To think you will reach your goal this time, or you will find your dream spouse tonight, or you will finally get healthy, will not do the job.

You can work harder as everyone around you. You can try harder and harder, but you will not succeed in fighting your inner beliefs. You will fail, over and over. Because you are facing a mighty opponent. You have no chance of success if you try this consciously. Well, I did so many times. I have been lucky my whole life, being at the right time in the right place, but I still did not quite make it. I was always falling short of big achievements.