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I highly recommend this ebook. Once you read it and work through the steps, you will have what it takes to craft an About page that works to boost your business. The numerous examples from other sites make a huge difference, and hand-drawn illustrations are a trip. Talk about personality!

How to Write Ebooks that Sell

But most of all, the step-by-step process helps me reboot my energy for recreating that super important page. Henneke and Julia make writing your About page a cinch with easy recipe-style steps. I know from my work as a copywriter and from running a business that the About Us page is the hardest one of all to write on any web project. How do you get the tone of voice right?

How do you get personality into the page without writing stuff that makes you cringe? This illustrated guide tells you step by easy step how to do it. I love it! This guide is not intended for marketers at conglomerates with a maze of business units and an army of stakeholders. This guide is for small business owners, solo-flyers, and freelancers who need to stand out in a crowded market place. Use this guide to write a page from scratch or add sparkle to an existing About page. Steal the writing tricks from pro copywriters for a fraction of their hiring fee and write your own About page.

No copywriting experience required. Love this! I've been procrastinating over writing my About page for months. I was totally overwhelmed - so many ways to tackle it and yet so much confusion. This little book cut through the brain fog; it made the process simple if not easy!

Highly recommend it to anyone 'dazed and confused' at the prospect of writing what is probably the most difficult page on a website! It indeed was pain-free, fun even. I love that the information was presented in daily chunks, enough time to digest each tasty morsel. I don't cook, but the cooking metaphor was enchanting.

I implemented the advice immediately. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Two people made the same comment, "Love, love, love it. This guide is easy to follow and practical, I really liked the bonus emails to stay on track. A stress-free program on a daily basis. If you want to write an effective and magical'About' page?

What is an eBook?

This guide is yours. With paint-by-numbers simplicity, you led me by the hand, and voila!

19 Ebook Tools for Writing & Publishing Your Ebooks Faster

I've created a masterpiece! I've enjoyed the experience immensely. And you taught me tons. Oh, and you're absolutely right: some of the slickest websites have the most gosh-awful "About" pages! Your ideas and format really makes sense. Henneke has a unique talent for getting her word across. Using cooking ingredients combined with the cartoon caricatures made the learning experience very easy. I especially loved the day-by-day program. It made the whole process of writing an about page less daunting. I loved how the material was broken down into an easy-to-follow daily task format. My old method of learning was to piece together a lot of information from a number of different sources, and eventually hope to get the whole mess sorted out.

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This was a refreshing alternative because I had a trust level that I'd be getting the best information on the topic, it was already prearranged, and it ended up saving me a lot of time in comparison to the information-hoarding process I'd relied on in the past. I love quick reads giving not only a lot of useful information but at the same time an actionable method to use those tips the right way in no time. I'm glad I stumbled across this course. It is a big help for me in doing my own blog. Thank you Henneke, your effort is a blessing to everyone who find your course.

I recommend this! Loved and appreciated her daily encouragement.

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Now I can't stop myself from making more improvements to my website. I need to join Web Writers Anonymous PS Henneke is a gifted artist too The ebook helps one take a structured and systematic approach to writing an about page. And now that I have a system in place, I know it'll help me keep improving the about page as I grow my business.

Saves me hours of thinking and writing. Thanks again for helping me realize the importance of an About Page for my business and giving me a proven system to implement it with ease. I have had the same About Page for almost 3 years. It wasn't representing me or my audience as well as it could be. Henneke's instructions were spot-on and the examples were so helpful.

I highly recommend the process - you'll enjoy it and also be helping your website become a conversion machine! This is a great resource full of all kinds of useful tips and practical steps one can take to create a winning about page.

The Basic Guide to Self-Publishing Books

I go back again and again to Henneke's book and emails. I make a product. That product is a book. The purpose of this book is to entertain. The more of these products I make, the better I can support my family. And if you are lucky, screw writing, go play the lottery. It means that you can make a living with your words too if you just ditch the idea that your books have to be bestsellers. You see, self-publishing has completely revolutionized the way mid-list authors like you and me make money writing books.

The person who can sit down and work harder than anyone else. The fundamental mechanisms by which products are distributed has changed completely. Toss in the fact that self-publishing removes the middle man and decreases the time between finishing a manuscript and publication and what you have is the return to Golden Age Of Pulps.

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These fundamental changes translate into one simple rule that rests at the foundation of my publishing business:. The key to selling more books is to remove the pressure to write a bestseller and simply write more. The more you write, the more you make. They have simply been repurposed from historically successful lessons in the business and publishing world.